Sessions are available in 30 minute and 60 minute increments.

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"Lindsay has done so much more than helped me lose a significant amount of weight. Using her knowledge, insights, patience and humor she has helped me find the courage and inspiration to reach goals I thought were unattainable. Lindsay has changed my life forever."
- Carol Creger

​"I have been training with Ms. Lindsay Meyers for 3 years. Her skills as a Certified N.A.S.M.  trainer has made a HUGE impact on my life. At the time I met Ms. Meyers I was age 47 and my busy life had caught up to me.

The year prior to meeting her I sustained a back injury affecting my L1 thru L4; which also affected my sciatica. I knew I was in pretty bad shape from injuries, both old & new. I had several muscular-skeletal problems causing my hips to rotate, my shoulders were severely rolled, slumped forward and my muscles had atrophied. My Body Fat Percentage (B.F.%) was at 36%. That's almost 40% fat... Think about that. That number put me at risk for cardiac disease. 

Due to Ms. Meyers creative and skillful ability to train around my injuries, I'm now at 27 % B.F.. My back issues are minimal. My posture is improved.  Since training with Miss Meyers, my strength has literally doubled. My core strength has trimmed my waistline and stabilized my balance,lengthened my stride & improved my gait. My legs are literally twice as strong as before. 3 years ago I could only leg press 70 lbs with both legs. I currently leg press 80 lbs with a single leg. Obviously, I'm not a body builder... But, it feels good to feel heathy, strong & more vibrant than I have in 25 years. I didn't think I would be experiencing my life the way I do today if I had not met Ms. Meyers. I really thought my best years were behind me.   I'm so grateful to Ms. Meyers and for how I'm feeling at age 50. I still have a lot of work to do but I'm fortunate that I'm in such great care with Lindsay Meyers.

I highly recommend Ms. Meyers for all your fitness needs. She is truly a talented fitness professional."
- Rhonda Snyder

"For the past three years I have suffered with severe back and leg pain. I have had 3 back surgeries and several shots. This seemed to have helped the nerve pain, but the pain in my muscles was still so bad I was unable to enjoy any kind of life. I could barely walk or stand for more than a couple of minutes. I stopped in Optima Fitness one day on the chance that they might be able to help me. After a discussion about my history and condition they said that my pain could be caused by the fact I had compensated for my pain so long in the way I walked, sat and used my body, that my muscles, tendon and nerves had degenerated to the point they were out of balance and not functioning the way they should. They recommended a stretching, strength building, and medical massage program. We have been working the program for six weeks. I feel like a different person, I have been able to actually do some physical work, my mental attitude has taken upward turn, I feel like I have gotten my life back, Thanks to Lindsay and Jill."
-Buddy Young

"Almost 4 years ago, after a becoming a single mom, I made the decision to get healthy through diet and exercise.  For the first year, I focused on classes and saw great results, but I eventually stalled and started to get bored with the same routine.    At that point, I started my journey in personal training.  At first, I thought I would go to a trainer for a few sessions, grab a few tricks, and move on.  Little did I know that I would be hooked by the first session.  I worked harder and smarter in the first hour than I had in any of my classes; I was sore in areas I didn’t know I had.  Soon after starting personal training, I was paired with Lindsay, and as they say, the rest is history.  In the last 3 years, we have developed an amazing trainer / client relationship, which has grown into a great friendship.  Each session is fun, challenging, and different.  We laugh… a lot, and I see results. I’m stronger than ever, and exercise is part of my daily life.  Today, I see Lindsay twice a week, and I focus on cardio 3 – 4 times a week. 

Because of my love of exercise, I have started teaching cross training; my goal is to inspire others on their journey.  I love cross training classes, because it gives me an opportunity to focus on each of the clients during our workout, and it ensure that everyone is getting the most out of the hour.  I sing; I dance; I tell bad jokes, and I work hard for my clients."
- Melissa Trapani

"Lindsay does a great job of mixing up the exercises and routine. She is very knowledgeable and encouraging but unrelenting. She will get you where you want to go if you work with her."
- Guy Jones

"Makes you feel like a long time friend on the first meet! Really took the time to listen to my needs for fitness. Worked with me payment wise and highly enjoyed my work out! Lindsay and Ruth are just awesome!"
-Kelsie L.

"Since I've started training with Lindsay, I feel like I'm in the best shape of my life! She challenges me to push myself but also provides modifications when I need them. Lindsay focuses on your form so that you get the most out of your workout! She is patient and models each exercise so you do them correctly and safely. I truly look forward to training with Lindsay!"
-Terrie McNabb

"Tracie is a great trainer. Makes working out fun."

- Janet L.

"I am absolutely loving it. Special workouts to help me reach my end goal and works around past injuries. Great group of people and I don't have to worry about being insecure in the gym thanks to 1 on 1 training."

- Brandon P.

"Lindsay is the best personal trainer. She works so well with all my needs. Great knowledge and personal skills!"

- Karen Dower

"Lindsay listens and taylors the sessions to my fitness level so I don't feel overwhelmed. Very encouraging and nonjudgemental."

- Valorie F.